The Lakehouse Retreat

'WOW' Women's Group

The ‘WOW’ Women’s Group at ‘The Lakehouse Retreat’ is for women interested in learning about ‘energy’ modalities and how they can enhance their health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Meeting once a week for 6-8 weeks, this group is introduced to topics that build on the knowledge from the previous week.  It is based on the knowledge that ‘stress’ is the biggest disrupter of our health and by using various alternative ‘tools’, we can live a fuller, healthier life.  

After teaching ‘Energy’ modalities for the past 20 years and hearing many women say – “WOW” – “I never thought about that”!!!  or  “WOW” – Does it really do that??? – in relation to how ‘energy modalities’ could benefit their health, I decided to start a “WOW” Women’s Group. This ‘WOW’ Women’s Group has been offered at different venues, including The Strangway Centre, Sarnia, ON and the VIAC (Venice Isles Activity) group in Venice, Florida. Regardless of where it is offered, there are always a lot of ‘WOW’s shared!

This fun, interactive class allows women to take responsibility for better health by using some of the tools introduced in the class as shown below: 

  • Stress and how it affects us all
  • Meditation – introduction to different styles
  • Energy centres – ‘chakras’ and relation to endocrine system
  • Meridians – acupuncture/acupressure
  • Reiki
  • Reflxology – feet/hands
  • Brain Gym and balancing left/right sides of brain
  • Words and water – the importance
  • Manifesting methods and the Law of Attraction
  • and much much more..

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