The Lakehouse Retreat

Women's Retreats

‘The Lakehouse Retreat‘ offers women – individuals and groups – the opportunity to escape for the day, relax, de-stress and be immersed in the beauty of Lake Huron and surrounding area.   

The fact that 80% of visits to a Doctor are ‘stress related’ is one more reason to spend a day at The Lakehouse Retreat, being introduced to various self-healing techniques used for stress-management.  If just ONE of these ‘tools’ can help keep your body, mind and spirit balanced, you will enjoy better health.   

The Women’s Retreats offered at The Lakehouse Retreat are fun, interactive and cover many topics.  Stress management, meditation, breathing, Reiki, Chakras, journaling, music, movement and even silence are just a few.  Even though much information is shared, there is still an opportunity to enjoy the location, walk the beach or just breathe in the relaxing venue of The Lakehouse Retreat. 

Women’s Retreats at The Lakehouse Retreat are offered to groups of 6-8 individual women and cover a pre-arranged format.   

It is also possible to gather 6-8 of your own friends and book a tailor-made retreat – choosing from different options. 

Participants bring their own lunch but handouts and other supplies are provided.  

Are YOU experiencing STRESS?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Would you like to connect with other like-minded women?

All Women’s Retreats are prepared in advance and require registration and payment in advance for a minimum of six (6) participants.   For more information and availability at The Lakehouse Retreat, contact Georgia Gander.  Please check the calendar for upcoming Women’s Retreat and register here: Registration Form – Women’s Retreats 

I look forward to sharing a wonderful day with you and your friends!   Contact