The Lakehouse Retreat

Vibrational Sound Techniques

Many of the treatments offered at The Lakehouse Retreat incorporate ‘vibrational sound techniques’ which contribute to the relaxation and balancing of the recipient. 

Since everything in our universe is in a constant state of vibration, including the human body, even the smallest change in frequency can affect our internal organs.  When all of our organs are singing their song in harmony, we are in a state of wellness.  When something gets out of tune, we need to restore the missing frequencies back to our bodies to maintain our wellness.  

Vibrational Instruments

Music can be beneficial for anyone and has been used therapeutically for people who have physical, emotional, social or cognitive deficits.  Even those who are healthy can use music to stimulate movement or to relax, reduce stress or improve mood.

There are many different methods of using music, instruments, recordings and even our own voice, to change the vibration of our body.  Some of the instruments used at The Lakehouse Retreat during a ‘treatment’ may include tuning forks, tibetan bowl, crystal bowl, tinsha or even toning (using the voice).  

Tuning Fork Therapy involves the use of a variety of different tuning forks in a typical session.  A tuning fork is a metal object that has one handle and two tines.  The two tines vibrate when they are struck against another object, creating a sound wave that is used to affect the physical body.  

Each tuning fork has a different ‘pitch’ and vibration and is used on and for specific areas of the body.  It is often ‘unheard’ by the recipient but the vibration is ‘felt’. 

Tuning Fork Set

Using the ‘voice’ by toning, is another method used at The Lakehouse Retreat.  This method of making sound with the human voice, raises the vibration of the person and allows various emotions or traumas to be released at the same time.  

Tingshas, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls and other  instruments are all vibratory methods used to help bring the body back to a balanced state and are incorporated into personal treatments based on the needs of the recipient.  

For more information on the use of Vibrational Sound Techniques that are used at The Lakehouse Retreat, contact Georgia.   Contact