The Lakehouse Retreat

As a lifelong ‘student’, I am constantly studying and learning new information relating to being and staying healthy – whether that is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  This in turn excites the ‘Teacher’ in me and I want to share this information with others!  At ‘The Lakehouse’, various private and group trainings are offered – some for certification and others for knowledge only.  

GROUP INSTRUCTION is offered in various settings – from retreats to specific classes.  Some of the Group Instruction offers certification on the specific topic.

  • Retreats     The day-long Retreats held at ‘The Lakehouse’ cover many topics such as energy techniques, silence,   journaling, movement, meditation, Reiki, Breathwork, Crystals and are for information only
  • Specific           Various other ‘specific’ classes are offered for information only.  These might include ‘The Law of Attraction’ – manifesting, Meditation, Breathwork, energy modalities etc. 
  • Reiki            Reiki Certification is offered to those interested in practicing Reiki – either just for        themselves or for others and covers all levels of Certification in the USUI method of Reiki. 


Consider being a ‘student’ in one of my classrooms and I will share my knowledge with you!