The Lakehouse Retreat


The following poem was sent to my by the participant in The Lakehouse Retreat – Women’s Retreat.  

I Came Upon A Cottage
By:  Rachelle P.

I came upon a cottage
And I wondered what was there
Should I enter inside it’s four walls
Or should I stand and stare

Will it help me to go forward
Or will it keep me closed inside
It was a big dilemma
On which I could decide

I opened up the door
And I liked what I did see
A tidy little haven
Of where I could be me

I entered in and allowed myself
To feel the energy
And of course began my journey
Of setting myself free.

I discovered things about myself
And I decided to let go
Of things I didn’t need to think of
Things I didn’t know

No worries did I have at all
In this tiny little space
I came to learn and grow
And start a new race

Peace and love and wisdom
From the books I chose to read
And a hope of good things to come
Have planted their seed

“Thank you Georgia for sharing your knowledge of Reiki with me. What a wonderful gift I’ve received to be able to share this Universal energy with not only myself but with those around me”
BS, London, ON

“I felt such a calm and healing sensation while receiving the Crystal Bed Treatment.  The knot in my stomach disappeared and my concern over small things seemed insignificant after my treatment. How great that Southwestern Ontario has this healing tool from the Casa Dom Inacio healing centre in Brazil”.
LB, Toronto, ON

“My pulmonary specialist is amazed at how much better I can breathe since I started using Transformational Breath™. I no longer use asthma medications and have much more physical energy than I’ve had in years. Thanks Georgia”
BT, Alberta

“WOW! I had no idea that I was holding so much stress in my physical body and all I had to do was “breathe” differently! I now have a tool to use when I’m feeling overwhelmed, stress out or just want to liven myself up.”
PW, London, Ontario