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Crystal Bed Therapy

The ‘Crystal Bed‘ was brought to ‘The Lakehouse Retreat’ from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil. This amazing Crystal Bed uses specially cut crystals in combination with colour, light and music therapy to balance your chakras and energy fields on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Crystal Bed

The Crystal Bed is a framework that has seven quartz crystals suspended above the bed. These crystals align with and correspond to the seven major energy centres, or chakras of the human body.

You lay quietly in a private area listening to soft music while specialized crystals are directed at your chakras. While you may feel some sensations in your body, it is a very soft and gentle session that is intended to clear and align your chakras and energy field. The sessions leave you feeling energetically cleansed, refreshed and energized. A general feeling of calm and relaxation is experienced and it is a wonderful way to experience an energy modality.

How does  Crystal Bed Therapy work?

Our bodies rely on a balanced and uninterrupted supply of energy to function and maintain optimum health. Disruptions in our body’s healthy energy flow, or “blocks”, can be caused by many different issues in our lives. Physical injuries or health challenges, emotionally challenging situations, mental blocks in our energy systems. Because the Crystal Bed is designed to address the blockages on all levels of our human energy field, balance and improved health occurs. The light pulsing through the crystals clears the field and opens up your chakras for optimum energy efficiency.

Light treatment is also commonly being used for the reduction of jet lag within our body systems and the acceleration of the recalibration of our body clock. Light therapy has also proven effective in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder, and for some people it has helped sleep deprivation conditions. Additional benefits include improvement of skin conditions such as psoriasis as well as general overall skin rejuvenation that has been promoted as an “anti-aging” therapy. Collagen levels increase for a few days after treatment, which results in firming and rejuvenating skin conditions.

How often can  Crystal Bed Treatments be experienced and how long of a treatment is suitable for me?

A Crystal Bed Therapy treatment has a very powerful effect on the human energy field. A 30 minute treatment is recommended to begin. A series of 10 treatments is suggested, but the Crystal Bed can be used more frequently any time you want to advance your healing and potential.

Do I need to wear special clothing?

Any clothing is suitable, however, it is best to remove leather clothing as well as jewelry and watches that might deflect the energy directed at the chakras.

What does it feel like during a Crystal Bed Therapy  treatment?

Most people report experiencing pleasant sensations of heat, tingling, pulsing or fluttering in various parts of their body. Many see beautiful colours or images from past experiences. Some feel emotional release or a decrease of physical discomfort in chronically painful regions of their body. Overall, the majority of people experience a general feeling of peace and relaxation, a reduction in stress-related issues, and an increased emotional balancing. While most experiences are subtle in nature, it is not uncommon to have a more pronounced and dramatic occurrence.

Sometimes my body feels odd after a Crystal Bed Therapy treatment. Why does this happen?

You are having a healing reaction. In other words, your body is responding to the dramatic detoxification effects of the light, colour and crystal therapy. Blocked and disrupted energy channels are being cleared which includes the release of toxins that were once settled in various parts of your body and are now circulating throughout your system looking for a point of exit. Toxins are typically expelled through urine, sweat and fecal matter. Drinking lots of water and resting are great responses to the readjusting of your body’s energy system.

Are there any side effects of the Crystal Bed Therapy Treatment?

No. There are no side effects because light and colour therapy do not damage the body.

What is the cost per treatment?

30 Minutes = $50  

“I felt such a calm and healing sensation while under your Crystal Bed. The knot in my stomach disappeared and my concern over small things seemed insignificant after my treatment. How great that Southwestern Ontario has this healing tool from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil”
LB, Toronto, ON

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Two contraindications for Crystal Bed Therapy use are pregnancy and people with pacemakers