The Lakehouse Retreat

Classes and Private Trainings

As a lifelong ‘student’, I am constantly studying and learning new information relating to being and staying healthy – whether that is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  This in turn excites the ‘Teacher’ in me and I want to share this information with others!  At ‘The Lakehouse Retreat’, various PRIVATE and GROUP trainings are offered – some for certification and others for knowledge only.  


Private instruction is often chosen by individuals who wish to work one-on-one, knowing that confidentiality is an important part of offerings at ‘The Lakehouse’.  Certification on most topics is rarely given privately, due to the nature of a students’ requirement to experience the ‘energies’ of other students.  (eg. Reiki).  Most private instruction is tailor made, based on the needs or wishes of the individual and the cost is based on time involved.    

Some of the topics offered to individuals for Private Instruction at ‘The Lakehouse’ are:

  •      Stress and how it affects the body
  •      Meditation
  •      Breathwork
  •      Energy methods for better health –  tapping, energy exercises etc.
  •      Manifesting – The Law of Attraction
  •      Energy Centres – Chakras
  •      Crystals
  •      Sound therapies
  •      And much more…

GROUP CLASSES are offered in various settings – from retreats to specific classes and certification is offered to those choosing to train in USUI Reiki. 

  • ‘WOW’ Woman’s Group   
    A series where Women gather weekly to be introduced to various ‘energy’ topics including stress, meditation, chakras, meridians, Reiki, breathing, reflexology, manifesting etc.  ‘WOW’ Women’s Group
  • Women’s Retreats    
    The day-long Retreats held at ‘The Lakehouse Retreat’ cover many topics such as energy techniques, silence,   journaling, movement, meditation, Reiki, Breathwork, Crystals and are for information only.  Couple’s retreats are also offered for those using the accommodations.   See Women’s Retreats
  • Reiki          
    Reiki Certification is offered to those interested in practicing Reiki – either just for  themselves or for others and covers all levels of Certification in the USUI method of Reiki. See Reiki
  • Law of Attraction
    Full day Law of Attraction workshops are offered at The Lakehouse Retreat where you will learn various methods of attracting what you want into your life.  Instruction using specific statements and exercises to actually preparing YOUR  “Vision Board”, will prepare you for the final stage – RECEIVING!!!   See Law of Attraction
  • Transformational Breath 
    This class (for a group of 4 people), introduces you to the benefits of breathing correctly and includes a Transformational Breath treatment.  See Transformational Breath   

For more information on classes or private trainings offered at The Lakehouse Retreat, please click here:   Contact

Consider being a ‘student’ in one of my classrooms!