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Chakra Balancing

Energy Medicine promotes healing by working with an individual’s personal energy field and seeing how it interacts with the larger energy field.  By checking the seven main energy centres (‘chakras’ – meaning ‘wheel’), we get an idea of areas that may be out of balance.  

These seven centres, along with many smaller chakras, run from the base of the spine up through the top of the head.  Each ‘chakra’ resonates and vibrates to the same frequencies of the rainbow colours and their corresponding sound vibrations of the C scale. When Chakras are evenly balanced and in tune with each other, our physical, mental and spiritual selves are working in harmony for optimum health and wellbeing. However, when one or more of these energy centres slows down, the result is dis-ease of some sort resulting in limited function, illness and aging.

Chakras - Location and Pitch

The Chakra system is very interesting to work with because each Chakra corresponds with certain emotions, life experiences and lines of thought.  We all recognize that stress causes disease and one of the effects of stress is that it blocks our chakras.  With the understanding of the Chakra system, we can determine which part of the body is prone to be affected by a particular stress.  By manipulating that Chakra, we can reverse the underlying energy blockage and often prevent the disease reaching the physical level.  

Since the individual chakras resonate to different pitches, colours, crystals, affirmations etc, there are many methods used to help balance the chakras – including Reiki.  These methods help to clear and balance the Chakras resulting in better health. A Chakra Balancing Treatment (combination of ‘Crystal Bed Therapy (using light, colour and crystals) and Reiki treatment, balances the chakras and energetic field resulting in a feeling of relaxation and good health.   

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