The Lakehouse Retreat


This Covid Pandemic has tested all of us in many many ways and created areas of stress that we were unaware of. More than ever, we need to nurture ourselves and use methods that are able to clear unwanted stresses and keep our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies healthy.

Starting in 2023, I will be once again be offering classes in Reiki, Breathwork, Women’s Retreats and the Law of Attraction as well as encouraging you to gather your friends for tailor-made retreats.

Specific dates have been chosen for Reiki Level I and II and pre-registration is required.

So, start your planning early and contact me with any requests for the 2023 Season – starting in May.

Looking forward to sharing many my knowledge with you!

Georgia Gander 519-331-8615 (Cell)

Welcome to The Lakehouse Retreat & Wellness Centre!

Would you like to have optimum health and live your life to the fullest — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Empower yourself now through the many integrated energy wellness tools available at ‘The Lakehouse’.

Reiki; Crystal Bed Therapy; Chakra Balancing; Transformational Breath; Meditation; Energy modalities; Self Empowerment Technologies; Sound Therapies and many other tools are shared and combined together as you journey towards becoming your authentic self. The ‘self’ that is whole in body, mind and spirit.

"My goal is to EDUCATE! To share the knowledge I've received and in turn empower you to experience your life to the fullest. Welcome to my classroom!"